Located at Honghai Village, Co To island, 100 meters away from Hong Van beach. Coto Eco Lodge with nearly 10 years of experience in Co To, is the first one to exploit history on the northeastern island. Originally the Coto Eco Lodge was been located in the center named as Coto Lodge, but as we want to give the best for our guests we decided moved outside the center to have a quite, close to the beach with more improved accommodations and other facilities.

In  Coto Eco Lodge, we provide good quality room service, responsive staffs, quite area and great foods.

We have also a mini-bar self service bar which is always open for our guests. We have variety of drinks to choose from. You can enjoy a glass of Maritini with a lovely music.

We offers transportation service from Hanoi – Coto Island.

We also offers tours and activities around the island.

  1. Fishing with the locals (half day – a day)
  2. Island Hopping tours (Visiting the nearby islands)
  3. Tour around the island by: motorbikes, cars or trams.
  4. Bbq on the beach

You may contact us via:

website: cotoecolodge.com

email:[email protected]

phone number: 0988071100/ whapsapp: (+84) 0964 085500


In Coto Eco Lodge we always make sure that our guests are enjoying and having the best vacation of their life! Come and visit us in Coto, Island, Vietnam.