2018 is the year of many changes in Co To: price, accomodation, transportation. Hope this article will help you walk the way.

Ha Noi bus direct to Cai Rong port.

Select Hanoi as the center to go to Co To easily.

In 2017 and 2018, there are a lot of vehicles from Ha Noi to Cai Rong Port, quickly (car picking up at home or appointment, your hotel and go along Ha Noi – Hai Phong expressway and turn left to QL10 to Quang Ninh).

Direct car rental from Hanoi to Cai Rong Port will be 180,000 VND / seat to 240,000 VND/ seat (depends on seat position). This is a limousine, 9 seats, comfortable chairs, polite. Travel time: 4 hours.

Limousine Vandon Green Bus Company: www.vandonxanh.com, hotline: 02033 991 991, 0964.240.240, Address: Zone 8 Cai Rong Town – Van Don District – Quang Ninh Province. The only problem is that the booking staff can not use foreign languages, so if you are a foreigner, you should ask a Vietnamese friend, or ask the hotel to reserv.

Xuan Truong car. This car has two types, fast and slow. This can be considered the first professional car run along the route Hanoi – Van Don. The company has 45 seats buses. Many students use this kind of Xuan Truong (low price). Today it has a fast bus (limousine. 0945.386.555. The ticket price is 110,000 VND / person. Nearly the cheapest in the current market.

Note: You can ask the hotel that you have booked to order if foreiners.

Boat to Co To

There are three basic types of boat to transport passengers and goods. Speedboat type 1 (travel in 40 – 45 ‘, less space, unstable hours, only walk in calm sea), fast train …. class 2 (travel in 90’ to 115 ‘ Big ships from 60 to more than 100 seats, fast ships can not run, the train is still running). The ship is slower than Type 3 (traveling from 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours, or used to carry the main cargo, but this train if you have more than one, it is preferable, because can board, enjoy the scenery in the bay. ). The price of the fastest vessels in 2018 will be 200 – 250,000 per person.

Category 1, there are firms:

Havaco (commonly referred to as the Havaco Cruise Catamaran, full name is 0946.193.193 – 0979.222.111, this vessel is the best, the two ships, the high safety level If you love me, then you can google.

Ka Long. 0169 923 6362. This is the company that has the most ships. This side of the car is strong. They also have cars from Hanoi but certainly not as good as the car companies mentioned above, no limousine.

Nguyen Viet (or Ka Long – Nguyen Viet because these two companies have the cooperation) have a new boat is very good, if unfortunately go to the old boat is just right. The ships of Nguyen Viet are mostly new, clean, delicious. The boat also has a 45 ‘speed boat.

Quang Minh ship. 097 375 52 22. taucaotocquangminh.com. I occasionally ride the 45 ‘s this side, no matter what the comment. However, in terms of overall quality, Quang Minh needs to upgrade.

Manh Quang. 0985 669276. The second company in Co To have high-speed trains, also has the oldest history since the ship to date. Manh Quang’s boat is an hour and a half 45 ‘long, so it’s a bit old.

The third class ships: Hoang Linh (iron)

In addition there are a few other small seasonal vegetarian so I do not list here

Note (extremely important, highlighted and underlined)

All shipping lines have fixed hours of the day. Summer can run from early morning 5 – 6am until 4.5 pm. However, you will need to book in advance if you do not want to wait at the port in the summer. You can call directly to the booking, or ask the hotel where you booked the reservation. In addition, peak days like the weekend may increase the number of trips to bring passengers for convenience. Pre-order, pre-order and pre-order.

Then go to go to Co To offline. Next will be the item

moving on the island.

Co does not have many roads, so traveling on the island by any means is also favorable. Choose which media depends on the money, the number of people and the desire for you.

Tram. Electric cars are considered as specialty of Co To. Electric vehicles range from 5 seats to 16 seats, colorful, self-steering and non-self drive. Almost every guest house has a tram. Rent a car with a list posted on the glass. Currently, the price for a 16-seater is the highest (but can carry many people) with the price of 200,000 / trip (from the town nhé) to the beach, and if going around the island (all points) will be. from 1,200 – 1,800 / trip. The tram will take you to spots on the island with access and allow tram. The only one to go to Hai Dang is the car stop at your feet, you will walk, or rent a motorbike under foot (50,000 / car / 2 people, up and down). Electric vehicles have a fixed speed, pedal size no faster than offline.

Motorbike. Motorcycles at Co To 150 – 250,000 / car / day. Have gas or no gas. Where to rent a motorcycle. Motorbikes are the most convenient way to get to every corner of the village.

Car. There are not many cars on the island. Price will be slightly cheaper than electric cars. Driving is not fun, but it is fun if it’s raining and if you need it fast, especially when you’re bathing in beaches far from your home and away, the cars are united to avoid the wind. Machine or cold when just bathing.

Note: The transportation cost in Co To compared to other places is more expensive, due to many factors: season tourists, vehicles to the island cost more, damage levels, maintenance faster than the mainland.

If you do not see other means such as bicycles, then ask the rest of the house, they will be there for you.

Plates for fishing and small island tours around Co To. In Cotonou 2018, the first way to visit small is still an array (a means of marine industry, smaller than the ship, moderate speed) with the main port is Bac Van. Price range from 600,000 / trip for up to 12 people (both go and return) if you go to Co To. If you travel longer, such as East Beach (the most beautiful beach in the east, located in the east of Co To Con island) 1,200,000 / trip, you will be traveling through the Lion (if the array goes northwest to enter Nam beach). Also not included in the list you will work with the array. The array will take you to these islands, go fishing, go snorkeling and dive into the sea if you have a need. This field does not need a phone number, because it is a co-operative, a part-time job. After 2018 there is a change then update later. Placing the array can be used for motels, hotels.

If you want to save, do not rent the whole array, you can go directly to Bac Van Port, they will join with other customers to go, split money.

Ship to Thanh Lan Island (Thanh Lan Island where, where you see the sights and places of entertainment below).

This boat departs at Thanh Lan wharf (on Co To island to Thanh Lan commune, which is an island). Ticket price 30,000 / time / person. Run 2 morning, 1 – 2 pm.

So tired. Come on.