travel to coto island from hanoi

Coto island is located in Co To Island Dist, Quang Ninh Province ; which is 170 kilometers, Northeast of Hanoi, is considered as the most beautiful beaches in Northern Vietnam. Coming to the island, you’ll have chance to experience long white sandy beach, see spectacular sunset view from Coto light house.

There are approximately 5000 inhabitants are now living in Coto island, they are all Viet ethnic group. What’s so special about the island is friendly locals, amazing scenery, beautiful beaches and fresh seafoods.

Essential information about Coto island, Vietnam

We can assist you with planning your travel to the island.

How to get Coto island

Van Don Xanh limousine offer mini van from Hanoi to Cai Rong port, including hotel pickup for prebooking. Please ask a Vietnamese who book it for you and arrange a pick up at your hotel by a 4 seat car. To reserve a seat, please call (+84) 0964.240.240, the rate is 10USD/per seat. There are a few minivans leaving from Hanoi at 8.00am , 10.00am, 15.00pm, 17.00pm, 19.00pm, 20.00pm. It takes about 5 hours to get there including 20 minutes stopover on the way. My advice is to take 8.00am bus and you reach Cai Rong Port around 13.00pm. Have lunch in a local restaurant for 2$ / per portion of rice noodle soup with seafood (Bun Hai San) but they do offer lots of other dishes as well. After lunch, walk to the ticket office, there are a few choices there based on the schedule. I  often take Manh Quang Speed boat (Hotline : +84 912263597 or +84 985669276) departing at 14.00pm for 200,000VND/per person. Please make sure that you won’t get any sea sick when taking the speed boat. It takes a hour to get to Coto Island. Upon arrival at the island, please take a tuk tuk to your hotel, they will charge 1USD/ per kilometer. Every trip is under 2 kilometres will be charged at least 2 USD. On the other hand, please contact your hotel where you stay to arrange a pick up at the port. Please send them your minivan & speed boat schedule to arrange the pick up by tuk tuk at the port in Co To Island

Heath and Safety in Coto island

It is better to arrange travel insurance in advance. There is Coto health station located in the town with following details

Address : Zone 2, Coto town, Quang Ninh province,Vietnam

Tel : (+84) 230 889 229

On the other hand, we recommend you to prepare first aid kid to travel to the island

Money matter in Coto island: Most of the hotels, restaurants in the island accept cash payment. You’d better prepare cash in local currency Dong to take along with you to Coto island. US dollars isn’t widely accepted in the island. There is only 1 Agribank ATM located in the town. Maximum transaction is only 2 million VND which is equal to 90USD.

What to bring : Sun scream, sun-glasses, inspect spray, hat, umbrella, cash in local currency, warm clothes from late November to late March, valid passport for Non Vietnamese citizens.

What to see in Coto island

There’s lots of things to do and see in the island. These tourist attractions are must see in the island : Hong Vang beach, Vang Chay beach, little Coto island, Coto light house, Bac Vang military port, Coto morning local market, Cau My reef rock, Love path – a romantic place for couples to walk and cycle along. Uncle Ho statue

Where to eat in Coto Island

The best way to have good food and cheap is to eat at the accommodation where you stay. They will get fresh seafood from the market and make delicious home cook food.

Coto island local living

Local people earn their living in 3 main industry tourism, fishing and farming. When it comes to an ideal destination for off the beaten path beach vacation, there are more job opportunities for locals in term of travel suppliers such as restaurants, hotels, homestays and travel services. Moreover, there are self-employees who provided food & beverage for hotels, motels, homestays and resorts. Besides, lots of local people who earn their living by working as fishermen to sell it both local market and main land. There is another job to do is a rice farmer. They usually have 2 crops a years, one from Feb to June, another one is from June to October. Most of locals in the island who are hard-working, dedicated and friendly.

We hope these information about Coto island is helpful during your stay in Coto island, Vietnam