how to get to coto island from halong bay

Its so easy to come to coto island from halong Bay. You can take the taxi direct with around 400.000 vnd to Cai rong Port in 1 hour. Or take the local bus on No 18 road to Cairong in 2 hours.

From Cai Rong Dock (Van Don, Quang Ninh), it takes about 1.5 hours to get to the Co To island by speedboat, where you could spend about 3 days to explore and relax.

The most beautiful time for visiting Co To Island is the Summer, from April to September and 3D2N tours only costs about 1,200,000 VND / person.

Plan for a cheap Co To Isalnd trips


Co To Island belongs to Quang Ninh province, close to Cai Rong Dock, usually about 3 hours to get by train. Lately, about 5 years, it is the destination for young people to visit in the summer with many favorite activities on the sea and the night camp. Co To Island still remain untouched & wild features, the beaches with clear water, fine sand and underdeveloped service.

Co To Island still remain untouched & wild features

                         From aboard saw Coto Island with its sky blue wrapper.
From Hanoi, you can take a bus to Cam Pha, Cua Ong at My Dinh & Luong Yen bus station. Price at 200,000 VND / turn. Traveling time is about 4 hours. From here, you catch the bus to the port of Cai Rong, stay one night at the hotel/ motels near the port for early morning travel by boat to the island Co To the next day.

There are two types of ships to the island: High speed train departs at 13 PM all the day of week, for the time of 90 minutes, costs around 200,000 VND / way / person. Timber ship departs daily from the harbor at 6:30, takes about 3 hours.


Co To Island vehicle and transport: Motorcycle rent 200,000 VND / day, bike or motorcycle taxi & taxi.


On the island, there is not much service, you should book in advance or bring extra food from the mainland with you. Morning markets located in a residential area of town, you can go shopping for more food for the meal. In the evening, on sunset, along the coast there are many store selling of marine products at reasonable prices.

Co To Island food & seafood

Vacation spot ( Accommodation)

On the island there are not many motels, mostly should open with simple equipment. District Commissioner Coto guesthouse prices than 200,000 / room. Coto Eco Lodge Hotel prices around VND 800,000 / double room. And left the hostel prices ranges than 200,000 / room.



Bac Van park , just in front of the Island, from the habor , you can see a 15 km in length beach which runs along to the end of the island. Big Wave beaches has a Casuarina road running along very beautiful

Hong Van beach, 8 km far from the town, is considered as the most beautiful beaches with turquoise blue sea water sea.

Van Chay Beach lies at ends of the island where the sunset is most beautiful and you remember to get back when the moon rises, the tide has withdrawn to expose a flat sandy stretched endlessly.

Co To Island lighthouse is located at more than hundred meters taller than the sea level, Here, you can see the whole of island. Visiting lighthouse, you need to have permission to climb to the station.

Co To Con Island, small islands located about half an hour far from CoTo Island when traveling by boat. To get to the island, you have to book the ship in advance. Boats depart in the morning and back in one day. Here, it has no residents and water so if you plan to have a picnic here, you have to prepare enough food and personal items.

Thanh Lan Island is also located near Co To Island, it has the boates to the island in the morning. Thanh Lan Island has many beautiful small beaches and you can go in one day.

Rocks CoTo, one of the most beautiful spots in Co To islands, where many couple choose to take wedding photos.

Co To Island parties at sunset

BBQ and camping on the beach is one of most people’s favorite activities.


  • The food on Co To island is not rich and have many species so if you take big groups, buy enough food to carry with you. Seafood can be purchased in the Co To market
  • The evening on the Co To beach, there are many mosquito, bring items to avoid, Pls!
  • The weather at night is quite cold, be sure to bring a warm jacket.
  • If camping on the beach, you should choose no wind place and bring a flashlight.