225 tourist beach houses to be cleared on Co To Island

Authorities in Quang Ninh will clear 225 beach houses popular with tourists on the Co To Islands, saying they were illegally built by local people.


225 beach houses on Hong Van Beach in Co To Island will be removed by September 30.

The beach huts which lie on Hong Van Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Co To, have always been popular with tourists for their special design and ideal location.

According to Party secretary and chairman of the Co To District People’s Committee, Hoang Ba Nam, the 225 huts were built a long time a go by 36 local households on military land and had no construction licenses.

In a recent visit to the island, Secretary of the Quang Ninh Provincial Party Committee, Nguyen Van Doc, requested the district authorities remove the huts and reclaim the land by September 30.

“A lack of responsibility by local authorities led to this mass illegal construction,” Doc said.

It is claimed that each house costs at least VND120 million (USD5,288) to build. Some people even borrowed billions of VND to invest in their projects.


The huts are popular with tourists to Co To Island.

Vu Thanh Minh, the originator of the idea in the area said he built the first huts four years ago with an aim to offer a new experience for visitors to the island.

“The huts immediately attracted lots of tourists. They’re convenient and all have a beautiful view of the beach,” Minh said. “Many other people followed me to build new huts. The large number of houses has affected the environment.”

The businessman said that most of the investors were aware of their violations and the negative effect that their projects have on the environment and had agreed to remove.

“I have six huts which I have started to pull down,” he said.

Minh, however expressed a wish that local authorities will help find a proper location for them to move their beach houses to and continue their business.

Nam also said that the district people’s committee will try to minimise the losses for these investors and help them find new business opportunities.