Blue sea always has strange attraction to people, especially in hot weather occasions. Coto that island is beautiful like a dream in the north of Vietnam, in recent years emerged as a “youth island”, the wild, impression and attraction with 9 addictive destinations.

1. Cau My stone in Coto island

Cau My stone with sedimentary system was eroded over thousands of years by the sea create a real wonder. It is only in the islands of Vietnam.

10 exciting destinations when traveling Coto island

Where you can catch the most beautiful sunrise of the island, beautiful rocky beach area, blue water and waves lapping on the island day and night. Here make people think that they are walking on Mars because of mixing water and rock colors that make up the special attraction.

2. Love road

Love road

Green tree-lined path is a very romantic place for couples strolling the sea. This is also a place of entertainment, BBQ on the island.

3. Van Chay beach, Coto island

6 km from the center of town, this is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Coto with long and fine sandy beaches and big waves. This place is also suitable to play beach sports games, against the waves, watch the waves.

4. Hong Van Beach, Co To Island

Hong Van Beach, Co To Island

Natural beauty, wild,white sand beaches as velvety. Specially, in late evening, this beach turned into a pink as the its own name.

5. Love beach (center beach), Coto island

Located in the town center, next to love road and monumental Uncle Ho, love beach is suitable place to organize BBQ and musical performances in evening.

6. Monument of Uncle Ho, Coto island

Located in the center of town, right next to the path of love, it is the only monument agreed to build by Uncle Ho after the visit time of Unclo Ho to Coto in May 9, 1961. At the festivals and weekend, here is the venue for cultural exchange to serve residents and tourists on the island.

7. Lighthouse of Coto

Lighthouse of Coto

This is one of the more than 30 “sea eyes night” operating throughout Vietnam territorial waters. Located at a height of 101m and was put into operation in 1961.

8. Small Coto islands

There are the most beautiful beaches in Coto with primeval forests contain many rare animal species and the sea contains many beautiful coral reefs. Small Coto is place that visitors can not be ignored if setting foot on Coto.

At here, you can try feeling sleeping tents on the beach, a very interesting feeling for those who prefer a new feel.

9. Primary forest, Coto Island

The tree-lined streets to explore Coto, along walking or riding a motorbike on streets in Coto Island is very interesting for tourists.

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